If you’re on your way to getting a Medical Cannabis Card in Utah, you may be curious about the many ways that cannabis can be consumed. Before you roll a joint though, beware that smoking of medical cannabis is prohibited, however using a vaporizer is legal.

Dreaming of making some pot brownies? Not so fast. The state law also prohibits candies, cookies, brownies, and other edible products. The only “edible” that can be consumed is a gummy that Utah refers to as a gelatinous cube.

So, what are the ways you can legally consume medical cannabis? According to the Utah Department of Health the forms that patients are allowed to use are as follows:
• Tablet
• Capsule
• Concentrated oil
• Liquid suspension
• Transdermal preparation
• Gelatinous cube
• Unprocessed cannabis flower in a blister pack containing no more than one gram of
flower pods in each individual blister
• Wax or resin*
*If a patient fails to substantially respond on two other forms listed, a qualified medical provider
may recommend wax or resin.

Also, file these tips under “need to know”!

– Patients cannot consume cannabis in public unless it is a medical emergency.
– Patients cannot consume cannabis while driving a vehicle.