What is a medical cannabis caregiver card in Utah and what is it used for?

In Utah, when a patient needs assistance going to a pharmacy, a caregiver and caregiver card is needed. If the patient is under 21 years of age, has a physical disability, and/or a mental disability, a caregiver card is required.

We’ll walk you the steps needed for a caregiver to obtain a card for the patient.

1. The patient must have an active medical cannabis card in order to for a caregiver to register for a caregiver card. If the patient does have their medical cannabis card, they must register through Utah’s EVS (electronic verification system).

2. The medical cannabis patient designates a caregiver online through Utah’s EVS (electronic verification system)

  • Please Note: All caregivers must first have a Utah ID in order to access the EVS. A Utah ID account can be made by going to id.utah.gov.
  • Before a caregiver begins the process to apply for a medial cannabis caregiver card, a patient may add the caregiver’s information to the electronic verification system (EVS).

3. The caregiver review the EVS user guide and applies online for a caregiver medical cannabis card.

  • Whether or not a caregiver is pre-designated by the patient, the caregiver must create an account in the EVS and begin the medical cannabis card application.

4. The caregiver pays their medical cannabis card application fee online in the EVS.

Medical cannabis card fees:

Caregiver Card (primary patient initial): $68.25
Caregiver Card (secondary patient initial) $15
Caregiver Card (first renewal): No charge
Caregiver Card (primary patient subsequent renewals): $14
Caregiver Card (secondary patient subsequent renewals): $5

5. Caregiver completes background check forms.

  • After payment, the Department of Health will contact caregivers using the email they have submitted in EVS to begin the background check process.
  • All applications will be complete and enter “awaiting state review” status after a caregiver has returned the background check forms to the Department of Health.

6. UDOH (Utah Department of Health) reviews they caregiver medical cannabis card application.

  • The UDOH will review the caregiver’s medical cannabis card application and confirm whether all requirements have been met. The application review process will be completed 15 days or less from the date the caregiver’s background check has cleared.

7. Receive caregiver medical cannabis card.

  • If all requirements have been met, the UDOH will issue the medical cannabis caregiver card. The caregiver will receive their card via email. The caregiver can then save the card on their smartphone or print them out.

7. Purchase medical cannabis from a medical cannabis pharmacy

  • Once a medical cannabis card is issued, a caregiver is ready to purchase product from a medical cannabis pharmacy. To purchase medical cannabis, a caregiver must bring their medical cannabis card and a valid form of photo identification, such as a driver’s license, with them to the pharmacy.

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